continualhealth Education and Training

About Us

Continual Health understands the adult’s  need for a quality education (an enlightened experience), hands on learning atmosphere and fast track career path.

Continual Health Education & Training is known to build study groups with a curriculum designed to graduate proficient and competent individuals in their prospective career choice. Continual Health offers Phlebotomy Training In Charlotte NC designed for the busy adult. Who are the individuals who study with us?  They are the working parents, the full time graduate students looking to gain clinical experience, the stay at home parents seeking a new career, college grads, retirees, engineers, PhD’s, MD’s Pharmacists, Medical Assistants, nursing students, pre-nursing students, auto workers, high school grads, RN’s , LPN’s and many more.

Why decide to go to Continual Health?  Continual Health offers Phlebotomy Training In Charlotte NC that meet one day per week. Many of the study groups that Continual Health offers, are only 6 weeks in duration with open draw hours.  Individuals  are prepared and ready to work, once they have completed their class. At Continual Health, our coordinators prepare individuals in new skills, to help them embark on new careers. Here at Continual Health we do everything we can to make sure our students are off to a great start. Our program has been ranked number one phlebotomy training in all of North Carolina.

Individuals can feel confident that they will have the necessary skills to begin work immediately after completion of study.  We prepare individuals with hands on experience from day one of study.  Our phlebotomy attendees are given the opportunity to perform up to 75 live venipunctures at our location.  Each individual has their own personal coordinator during draws days, to ensure that their technique is the same each and every time.  All of our coordinators have over 10 years experience in phlebotomy and medical laboratory technology, and are deeply committed to providing students with the best education possible.