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We offer top notch Phlebotomy Training In Charlotte NC and in the surrounding areas  .

All of the Classes that we offer are hands on, you are able to easily learn all Phlebotomy Techniques. The phlebotomy training that we offer prepares you to work as a Phlebotomist or a Lab Tech. Many of the individuals that attend our training are able to get jobs just from our certificate alone. So you are not taken advantage of, we advise that you set to take the Final Exam. This Exam allows you to get Certified across the United States with the exception of California and Louisianaas a Phlebotomist, with this certification you are able to work anywhere in the country and will earn more income. Our coordinators host tutor sessions before each exam to ensure that you are confident and understand all material that you’ve been taught.

Throughout the Phlebotomy Training we offer, you will be quizzed and tested weekly. This is to insure your coordinator that you are keeping up and understanding all the information that is being brought fourth. Many Phlebotomy Schools send thier students go to clinicals to do their Venipuncures, here at Continual Health we offer what is called Open Draw. This is a program that we offer (free of charge) is to better mentally and physically equip you on your skills in Venipunctures. We prefer to walk you step by step to ensure that when you are hired as a Phlebotomist you are prompt and Alert to work in the skilled profession of Phlebotomy.

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